From shock to opportunity: How to capitalise on the lessons learned during the Covid-19 pandemic


The cohesion pillar of “France Relance” French recovery plan

On the 3rd of September 2020, the French Government unveiled the historical recovery plan “France Relance”, with more than €100 billion on the table. The plan is based on three main pillars: the environment, competitiveness, and social and territorial cohesion. The measures aim at enabling France not only to emerge from the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic on the short-term but also to grow and be better prepared for various future challenges.

The social and territorial cohesion component of the “France Relance” plan includes measures for workforce development. It is oriented towards employment safeguards, youth support and disability and vocational training, with a budget of over €15 billion. The training strategy in this pillar is mainly articulated around grants for the training of jobseekers, grants for young people and employees in part-time work easier access to retraining and the modernisation of training bodies via the FNE-Formation* and the transition CPF**.

Since the Covid-19 crisis, the French Ministry of Labour, Employment and Integration has been mobilised for the massive deployment of distanced training methods to :

  • enable jobseekers to start new training courses entirely remotely, within the framework of a national market launched by Pôle emploi on behalf of the French State;
  • ensure the continuity of training courses that have already begun, thanks to the provision of distance learning tools and content for training organisations and CFAs.