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FUNDED Magazine: October 2023

Our 2023 Fall issue of FUNDED covers the role of A.I. in European funding. In this issue, we have focused on the intersection between Artificial Intelligence and the public funding world. From AI’s potential contribution to existing inequalities, to the changing grant landscape, to the importance of AI project applications, and the effect of AI on funding capture are manifold.
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FUNDED Magazine: April 2023

Our 2023 Spring issue of FUNDED is about ‘social regeneration,’ namely, the many different ways to make society fairer and more inclusive. The authors examine how each region has set forth different paths to reform society and realise their potential.
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FUNDED Magazine: April 2022

A flood of government funds is being funneled to the industry to address climate change. Learn how grants and climate goals can go hand in hand for the foreseeable future, from restoring biodiversity to adopting green technologies.
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