New perspectives and opportunities for Poland 2021-2027

Opportunities for Poland

Are you wondering when the new EU funds will be available to entrepreneurs, what activities will be co-financed and whether your company will be able to take advantage of them? Are you interested in preparing your company to be competitive in the new funding perspective for Poland for 2021-2027? You may want to read on then to learn more about the opportunities for Poland and Polish enterprises and entrepreneurs in the coming years.


Like many other countries around the world and in the EU, Poland has been struggling with the pandemic and its consequences for 1.5 years. The negative impact of the crisis was particularly felt by companies, many of which had to limit or shut down their activities for long periods. Start-ups in industries most affected by the pandemic, such as the beauty, tourism, catering, culture, tourism, local commerce, sports, entertainment and recreation and transport industries, were particularly affected. The restrictions related to the pandemic caused significant delays in the start of their operations.

However, thanks to aid from the European Union, many enterprises managed to survive this difficult period and are beginning to strengthen their potential. Faced with these challenges, what can entrepreneurs count on in the coming years? In order to answer this question, it is worth looking at programmes that aim to support entrepreneurs in the new EU funding cycle.

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