5 Key Stages of the Grant Writing Process

Proposal development

So, you have gone through the whole grant proposal development, you have your consortium built and ready, finances and budget done, and are ready to press the “Submit” button. Or are you?

Many grants, especially in the innovation and R&D field, are complex and require a whole brain-storming process before that magic button can be pressed. Hence, I thought it may be useful to outline some useful tips and guidance that you can follow in the pre-submission process. It is worth taking the time to go over these guidelines to avoid any potential pitfalls of the submissions process. When it comes to grant applications for transformational projects and innovative technology, patience really can be a virtue!

Here are some key phases and milestones for this process:

• Initial plan and scope; Partner ID and identifying and approaching potential project partners

• Initial outline plan complete; share with partners

• Feedback meeting with partners

• Deadline for approaching new partners and securing their commitment

• Begin content drafting and partner finance forms

• Draft out to partners

• Deadline for comments from partners

• Final review and online form check

• Bid submission

Let’s look at these pointers in more detail below.

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