How to Craft a Winning Project Description

Grant Appllication

By Marie-Christine Noujaim

Have you ever wondered when would be the best moment or what would be the best way to start a grant application adventure? A strong willingness might certainly be the correct key to unlock the door of this engaging process, but most importantly, overcoming preconceived ideas and stereotypes are essential to get that boarding pass to success.

We live in a world where the constant is change and the instability of our era might be a barrier for our projects. Nonetheless, this is why many grant programs exist and the secret formula that will differentiate your application from the others might be to follow devoutly specific criteria and checklists and look at your application through the eyes of the funder.

Amid a context where the shockwave of Covid-19 pandemic was synonymous not only with healthcare issues but also with exponential unemployment rates and financial distress for companies, among other challenges, funding has taken on a survival dimension. Even though we hear a lot about increased funding opportunities, grants still tend to be highly competitive. Knowing how best to stand out from the crowd and successfully pursue grant funding can provide a competitive edge and bring an organization closer to achieving its goals.

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