European Funds for Green Technologies in Poland


What are green technologies and do entrepreneurs see the importance of eco-development? How can subsidies help them?

Below you will find information about what green technologies are and from which major programs you can apply for a grant in the coming years. I will also provide examples of current competitions and examples of successes of Polish projects in the field of green technologies. You will also learn what you can get a subsidy for. But before I go into that, I will first describe where it started.

Environmental pollution and climate change, caused by careless human activity, have reached a tipping point. Due to the growing environmental awareness not only of societies and their decision makers, but also of economic entities, the need for a global intensification of actions to improve the current state was noticed by national governments and intergovernmental organizations, including the EU, which created an action plan called “European Green Deal” “.

“The European Green Deal (EGD) is a strategy development, which is to transform the European Union into a neutral area climatically. It is a response to the climate crisis and strong environmental degradation processes. According to the general assumptions of the Green Deal the European Union is to become a climate neutral, fair and economical society, modern, resource efficient and environmentally friendly.”

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