PNRR and the Digital Transition in 2022


PNRR and the Digital Transition in 2022

Since the PNRR has existed, the lack of funds can no longer be an excuse not to undertake technological innovation and transformation. The massive spending plan was developed to cope with the pandemic crisis and address the country’s structural weaknesses – making billions of euros available to innovate production, administration, mobility, education, and health systems, as well as promote renewable energy, and increase social inclusion and cohesion. These goals use digital technologies as the key to change.

In this webcast, we will be taking a closer look at calls and funding schemes dedicated to technology and digitisation of Italy, and provide examples of how private companies, public institutions, hospitals, and private citizens can access PNRR funds. If the PNRR intrigues you, or you may have thought it to be a good opportunity to explore further in your search for funding, you won’t want to miss this session.



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