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From shock to opportunity: How to capitalise on the lessons learned during the Covid-19 pandemic

The cohesion pillar of “France Relance” French recovery plan On the 3rd of September 2020, the French Government unveiled the historical recovery plan “France Relance”, with more than €100 billion on the table. The plan is based on three main pillars: the environment, competitiveness, and social and territorial cohesion. The measures aim at enabling France […]
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Strukturstärkungsgesetz Kohleregionen – Strukturfördermaßnahmen adressieren den Klimawandel in Deutschlands Kohleregionen

Über 40 Milliarden Euro werden von der Bundesregierung zur Verfügung gestellt, um Investitionen und Innovationen in Kohleregionen zu unterstützen. Diese Gelder sollen die Wirtschaftsstruktur in den betroffenen Bundesländern stärken und den Kohleausstieg ermöglichen und abfedern. STRUKTURSTÄRKUNG UND KLIMAWANDEL In der Debatte um den Klimawandel fokussieren wir uns oft auf die Förderungen von grünen Technologien und […]
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European Funds for Green Technologies in Poland

What are green technologies and do entrepreneurs see the importance of eco-development? How can subsidies help them? Below you will find information about what green technologies are and from which major programs you can apply for a grant in the coming years. I will also provide examples of current competitions and examples of successes of […]
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Grant Appllication

What is the European Green Deal?

The European Green Deal is the EU’s brand-new growth strategy to transition the European economy towards a more sustainable model for economic growth. The Green Deal was first introduced in December 2019, along with its overarching objectives. The European Green deal embodies the European aspiration of becoming the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 by having […]
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LIFE Programme

Forest Futures: Letting Nature Innovate

Since 2019, and especially in the wake of the UK presidency of COP26, the Johnson government has tried hard to sharpen its image as a serious actor in the fight against climate Cbreakdown. In practice, this has meant focusing on innovation and transformation in the energy sector and across the low-carbon technology space. Early this […]
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What happened to Investments in Female Entrepreneurship in Spain

The United Nations has defined the inclusion of gender equality as a sustainable development priority to improve the global economy. Moreover, the European Comission adopted its Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025, setting a framework on how to advance gender identity, race and disability equity. Following that trend, in Spain entrepreneurship is becoming a better professional option […]
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