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FUNDED Magazine: April 2023

Our 2023 Spring issue of FUNDED is about ‘social regeneration,’ namely, the many different ways to make society fairer and more inclusive. The authors examine how each region has set forth different paths to reform society and realise their potential.
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Consortia die winnen 2022

Bij veel prestigieuze subsidieregelingen zien we in toenemende mate de voorwaarde om een sterk en complementair partnerschap samen te stellen voor de subsidieaanvraag. Dit is het resultaat van het beleidsdoeleinde om de positie van Nederland te versterken met intersectorale samenwerkingen die tot innovatieve ontwikkelingen moeten leiden. De partnerschappen die subsidieaanvragen aangaan worden ook wel consortia […]
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Consortia die winnen

Erasmus+: New Budget, Same Goals 2021-2027

By Gregory Clare After the annus horribilis that was 2020, we embark on hopeful times. Vaccine productions in abundance, bitcoin is on the up, and our bad breakup with the United Kingdom is finally behind us. We are removing their pictures on our social media and unfollowing; it is time for the European Union to […]
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