A Deeper Look at the LIFE Programme in 2021

Green Grants

As early as 1992, the European Commission created the LIFE Programme in response to the environmental disasters observed since the late 80s. The aim of this early iteration of the LIFE Programme was to contribute to the creation, implementation, updating, and development of EU climate and environmental policies.

Amid a pandemic that has collapsed the health systems of many countries, killed an estimated 4.5 million people, affected the global economy, and slowed travel, we find other disasters that have added to the misfortunes of the past two years. These disasters include devastating floods in Belgium and Germany, wildfires in countries such as Italy and Greece, increasing extreme weather, warming oceans, greenhouse gas concentrations at record levels, receding glaciers, and an extensive list of other key climate-related indicators that are continuing to rise.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, all these disasters are related to climate change, so understanding the problem, finding solutions, and investing in ecological sustainability is paramount to prevent future disasters and promote adaptations for the future that awaits us.